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With Essex SureFoot Tires you’re in for a whole new ride! Only tire on the market with a belt of Kevlar.

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With Essex SureFoot Tires you’re in for a whole new ride!

Over 25,000 tires in service over the last eight years, Essex SureFoot’s stand alone in the heavy UTV industry. Load Ratings over 1100 Pounds as well as Run-Flat Performance, Reinforced Sidewalls, Tough “Stubbleguard” Rubber, Kevlar Belting, and Puncture Resistance have set our tires apart from the rest.

Today’s bigger 4 wheelers and Utility Vehicles require tires that carry more load and resist punctures better. Typical ATV tires are low pressure balloon tires with soft sidewalls for comfortable riding. They need to be overinflated, aren’t stable on side hills, and are more vulnerable to puncture with heavy weight loads. We have designed tires especially for these increased loads. With Reinforced Sidewall Stability and Kevlar-Belted Run-Flat Puncture Protection….Essex’s “Surefoot” brand is made specifically for today’s heavily laden Utility Quads and dressed 500+cc ATV’s – to Take you where you want to go; and Bring you Back..

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Weight 10 lbs

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