Kubota XModel RTV Lift Kit


Kubota RTV X900, X1100, X1120, X1140 Lift Kit

Product Description

Take your Kubota to a new Height! Lift Kit for the new Kubota RTV X900, X1100, X1120 and X1140. This 4 corner lift will pick your Kubota up 2″ making room for larger tires. Also helps give the Kubota a more beefy stance and gives it more ground clearance. Lift kit consists of all parts, hardware and instructions to be installed. Install time is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  This lift kit has been engineered with longevity and hard use in mind. Has no negative effects on your axles or any other part on your Kubota. A must have if your wanting to get the most ground clearance out of your Kubota without harming your factory suspension.

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