All-terrain vehicles can be fun. They can be an enjoyable experience for families, sports enthusiasts, and outdoorsmen of all kinds. Sometimes though, all-terrain vehicles are more than just for recreation. UTV’s, also known as side-by-sides, are the larger cousins of traditional ATVs. As their name implies, these kinds of vehicles are built for the roughest terrains, and for those needing more room to carry people or supplies. They’re perfect for working or for transporting passengers off the beaten trail.

So what’s the difference between a UTV and ATV? Typically ATV’s are single-seated vehicles where the rider would straddle the vehicle on a saddle. UTV’s are generally made with bench or bucket seats and are used for more practical purposes. UTV’s also tend to have truck-like beds for hauling equipment.

UTV's For When There's Work To Be Done

Just because they’re built for endurance doesn’t mean they can’t be used for fun though. UTV’s have become popular vehicles in a number of off-roading and Powersports events. Some UTV models are just as powerful and versatile as an average ATV. While you may not want to push your average UTV to the same extent as you would an ATV, you can still use it for off-roading fun should you desire. For casual recreation and tough working environments, UTV’s are fully equipped to get the job done.

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