You finally have a day off work and you’re ready to tear up the trail in your ATV- but the temperature has dropped and the rain is coming in sideways. You can either miss a day having fun doing what you love, or you can man up and brave the weather. Neither one seems like a great option.

Utility vehicle enclosures – also known as ATV cabs- are a great way to enjoy your UTV no matter the weather. Here are three reasons why an all-terrain vehicle enclosure should become a part of your toolkit of UTV accessories.

3 Benefits of Utility Vehicle Enclosures1. All-Weather Protection for You

No need to wait for a nice day to take your ATV out on the trail- just snap on your enclosure and you’re ready to go, whether rain, snow, sleet, wind, or dust. Cabs keep you warmer in the winter, and many have zip-down windows to still give you the breeze you need in the summer.

2. All-Weather Protection for Your ATV Interior

Protecting your ATV’s interior from weather, dust, and debris will increase the life of all the interior components of your vehicle, giving you a great return on investment and saving you some cleaning time.

3. Flying Debris Protection

Most ATV safety experts recommend wearing long pants and long sleeves when you’re out riding; with an ATV enclosure you have another layer of protection in the form of fabric windows, roof, and doors. An ATV cab windshield protects you from flying debris and may help less experienced riders feel safer on the trail.

No need to worry about fit- enclosures are designed to fit all different ATV makes and models and are easy to attach and remove.

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