Carlisle Tires was founded in 1913 in Carlisle, PA.  Forced to reorganize after the 1930s, the brand branched out into specialty tires, tubes and rims.  Dropping automobile tires, Carlisle has been focusing on tires for trailers, agricultural equipment, lawn and turf mowers, and ATV/UTV tires.  Featured with new trailers and other equipment, Carlisle continues to come out with new tires.  All tires are made in the USA and are made from synthetic rubber products.  All ATV/UTV tires feature extra protection where the tire joins to the rim to provide extra support for this tire trouble spot.

Choosing the Best Carlisle Tires For Your ATV/UTV

Their newest ATV tire is the Trail Pro ATV/UTV Tire.  This tire comes in a variety of sizes and is a six-ply tire to help with puncture resistance.  The tire comes with ¾ inch variegated tread that will take you over almost any kind of moderate or heavy surface.  If you keep the tires at recommended air pressure and keep within load recommendations for your equipment, you are all set for many hours of adventure.

Wolf Sport All Terrain Tire

This tire is designed to grab on to any packed or surface.  It is perfect for dirt roads, tarmac, gravel, or packed sandy roads.  The tread is designed for a smooth ride and stable turns.  This is not the tire to travel over logs with, but it will do find on any pack road, including muddy or rainy conditions.

Versa Trail All Terrain Tire

This is a perfect tire for ATVs and side by sides.  Designed on a smaller scale, this six-ply tire is designed to operate and grip dirt or sandy roads.  It likes hard packed surfaces but is successful on trails because it comes with extra protection against punctures and cuts from the road surface.

ATV 489 Tire

This is an aggressive tire with deep tread and three-ply construction designed for total off-road use.  If you plan to travel deep into the back country, this is the tire to bring.  This tire is rated for up to 50 mph but is not rated for driving on public highways.

Heavy Duty Field Track Tire

The model of tire is designed for grass and field-type surfaces.  Its wide tread makes it successful with driving on cement or heavily packed surfaces as well.  Rated up to 50 mph, it can quickly get you to your destination through rocky, muddy field conditions.

Knobby All Terrain Tire

While this tire does well on grass or packed surfaces, its special tread is designed to breeze over sandy surfaces.  These are the tires used on the vehicles that sweep the sand traps at golf courses, and the one that race at the beach or on sand tracks.  This tire has lower air temperature than usual, so while it has a good ride on sand, it can feel a bit mushy on lawn or packed surfaces.

For more information about the right tires including size for your ATV/UTV, the specialist at your tire outlet is ready to provide their clients with just the right tires for their outdoor equipment.  Contact us for more information.