5 Tips For Maintaining Gator TiresGator tires are one of the most crucial parts of an ATV and their maintenance is even more important. Thanks to this helpful guide, ATV owners can avoid all of the difficulties that are associated with improper tire maintenance.

Maintaining Proper Inflation Levels

This may seem like an obvious tip to most but there are many who fail to do so. If the tires are not inflated to the proper levels, this can lead to blowouts and even accidents.

Make Sure They Are Clean

The cleanliness of the tires is key and it has very little to do with the ATV’s visual appeal. By keeping the tires as clean as possible, it becomes easier to see any debris that has become lodged in the treads and corrosion is more immediately noticeable.

Keep Gator Tires Rotated

Yes, gator tires need to be rotated just like any other tire that is used on a regular basis. If the tires are not aligned and rotated on a consistent basis, this will take years off their lifespan. The handling and performance of the tires are also improved greatly.

Checking The Balance

If the vehicle seems to be vibrating while it is being driven, there is a good chance that the balance is out of whack. It is a problem that needs to be fixed right away so that unnecessary stress is not being put on the front end of the ATV. Whenever gator tires are added, the balance needs to be checked.

Monitor the Wear and Tear

When the treads of the tire become worn down, this is typically a sign that a replacement is needed. Do not make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to address these issues.

If you have any further questions about how to maintain your gator tires, be sure to contact All Terrain Online. We are more than happy to assist you.