ATVs need to handle every type of terrain you’re willing to run them over, which means they need tires that fit where you plan to drive. Fortunately, Carlisle offers a solid variety of tires for you to choose from.

Carlisle ATV TiresATV Tires

Carlisle ACT Radial: Designed with durable rubber compounds and crafted with a tread pattern that performs well across a variety of terrains, the ACT Radials offer the ultimate in cut and impact resistance. These tires work in both not just across different terrains, but also wet and dry conditions, with a sidewall and lug design that ensures a smooth, quiet ride.

Carlisle All Trail: The All Trail tires come in a wide variety of sizes and are made for hard surfaces and paved applications. Offering a smoother ride and more responsive handling than all-terrain tires, the All Trails provide a longer effective lifespan for riders who plan to do minimal hard off-roading.

Carlisle AT489: Sitting between the Radials and All Trails in design intent, the AT489s come in the widest array of sizes and are versatile as front and rear tires. They offer a smoother ride and greater stability than all-terrain radials when taken onto harder surfaces, and likewise their better ground contact makes for a better off-road ride compared to the All Trails.

Carlisle HD Field Trax: With an open, non-directional tread pattern, Field Trax tires are perfect for getting around broad, open land such as farms or golf courses, and are great for recreational use on a variety of surfaces. The high rubber to void ratio increases wear time and puncture resistance, and let the Field Trax carry you easily across the toughest terrain.

If you need ATV tires, the Carlisle brand has something to suit your needs. Contact us so we can help set you up with just the right set of tires.